Go-To Market Overview

Temporal is a liquidity protocol / layer designed to make it easier for other DeFi protocols, as well as centralized exchanges (CEX), to seamlessly integrate market-determined yield and forward curves into their dApps. Supporting a host of applications ranging from general purpose borrowing and lending to custommaturity yield trading; or on-chain bond dealing.

Additionally, Temporal provides an array of pre-built modules like under-collateralization with upto 10x leverage, fixed rate facilities, and a customizable front-end module, to facilitate this process.

Users of dApps or protocols integrated with Temporal do not need to possess TEMP tokens to transact. They can use the native tokens of the dApp they are interacting with. However, to access Temporal’s features, the foundation behind the dApp / protocol will need to hold a certain amount of TEMP tokens, proportional to their transaction volume on .

This approach helps maintain a balanced ecosystem and adds value to the TEMP token.

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